“Terra Sagrada- São Francisco” is the first international electronic music festival in Cape Verde

Valuing exceptional environmental landscapes and scenery while creating authentic moments with the best DJs around the world in a unique environment. 

Our 1st edition will take place on the 24th, 25th and 26th of November of 2022.

We open our doors for you – from 5pm to 6am.

Come and join us in an exclusive celebration on the wild beach of São Francisco – Cape Verde.

An immersive experience in nature during 3 days of festival

Incredible sets of internationally reowned DJs of the electronic, afro house and techno music scene








Our event is a #Zero Waste event

Terra Sagrada’s mission is to promote a holistic vision of environmental protection within the event management area in Cape Verde.

We apply a #Zero Waste approach in partnership with Cape Verdean associations and NGOs. We promote recycling, the use of clean energy, environmental volunteering programs and beach clean ups. We use eco-friendly cups and a cashless payment system. We aim to turn participants, local companies, and associations into multipliers of the #Zero Waste concept. We support suppliers, promoters, brands and businesses that have a positive environmental impact.

The initiative Terra Sagrada Plantation forms part of the environmental projects attached to the festival “Terra Sagrada – São Francisco” in 2022. # Planting trees #

We want to contribute to a greener Cabo Verde, allocating 10% of the Terra Sagrada festival’s benefits to the planting of trees.

#ElectronicMusic #PlantingTrees #ZeroWaste #SocialResponsability

The principles of Terra Sagrada

Everything is Energy

The universe is energy, vibration and information. We create our reality from the energy we emit. Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions send out a vibration. When we raise the frequency of this vibration, we can transmute our reality and transform the world.

In Harmony with Nature

In Terra Sagrada, we offer and promote a holistic vision of nature. We are and depend on the elements of nature – air, water, earth, fire and ether. Harmony between the elements is one of the laws of nature, without which there can be no organized energy or life in any form.The concept of Zero Waste implies to harmonize our lifestyle with the Earth's natural cycle.


In Terra Sagrada we believe that there is a universal consciousness to which we are all bound and connected. Although we perceive ourselves as separate individuals, we are a reflection of this awareness and connected to each other by its energy field. Our physical body is a perfect example of the unity of trillions of cells that form a single organism. Each of us has a unique perspective, but the existence we live is one. We are one.

Creation and Art

Art is vision and artists are visionaries, transforming the energy of an idea into matter. We all live a human experience to create and materialize the reality we desire. Creation and art appeal to our imagination, audacity and power as a creator of realities. This is the world of infinite possibilities, determined by our beliefs, visions and creations.


We believe in our ability to assume the responsibility for our personal experience of the world and to act and express ourselves in alignment with our inner thoughts and emotions. Authenticity is living your truth in every moment, without the need of external approval.

Courage and Leadership

Courage is the main quality of leadership and leadership can inspire courage in people. To influence our reality, we need leadership that evokes and inspires in us the courage to act and realize our vision.


Terra Sagrada is born from a synchronicity, a perceived coincidence that moves us to believe in this project. The events in our life fit perfectly together: Coincidences, encounters and opportunities arise and guide us when we are in alignment with ourselves.

Innovation and Vision

Creativity serves us to imagine new things and innovation gives us the tools to create these things. But we cannot create new solutions to a problem with the same state of mind that created it. Followed by a vision, innovation is our gateway into a brighter future.

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