Practical Info Festival

Where will the 1st edition of the Terra Sagrada festival be held ?

The 1st edition of the Terra Sagrada festival will take place on a wild beach, the beach of São Francisco, on the island of Santiago in Cape Verde, approximately 500km from the coast of Senegal (West Africa). The beach of São Francisco is just 12 km away from the capital of Cape Verde.

Can I buy my ticket directly on the festival site ?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy your ticket at the entrance. Every ticket purchase must be made through our website at the following :

How do I get to the festival site, once arrived in Cape Verde ?

Transport from the city of Praia to the beach of São Francisco is provided by minibuses at a very low price, between 3:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

What are the time schedules of the event ?

The festival venue opens on the 24th, 25th and 26th of November at 5pm and closes after 6am the following day.

What do I need to get into the festival site ?

To enter the festival site, you need to present your ticket. Moreover, you have to bring and present a document of identification (passport or ID).

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the festival ?

You cannot bring your own food or drinks to the festival. At the festival venue, you will have plenty of options to get drinks and food.

Can I enter and exit the festival whenever I decide ?

It is possible to enter and exit the festival, whenever you want to, once you have your electronic bracelet. Nevertheless, you will have to get in line again.

What is the minimum age for the festival?

From 16 years old, if accompanied by an adult.

What is the COVID Policy of the festival organization ?

Full accreditation and entry information will be communicated with ticket holders ahead of the festival dates. All safety measures and recommendations proposed by the Directorate-General for Health will be complied with. For more information, visit the Cape Verdean government site ( or contact your Embassy. Pour plus d’informations, vous pouvez vous rendre sur le site du gouvernement Cap verdien ( ou votre Ambassade.

Which objects are prohibited to bring to the festival ?

Prohibited objects include:

-Firearms, Explosives, explosive material, fireworks, gasoline, other flammable liquids, ammunition, Knives, Glass and crystals, Syringe/needles (except with existent medical prescription), Sticks for selfies

Any other hard or sharp objects that could harm (sticks, stones, metallic objects etc.), Sprays and aerosols, Laser pointer, Animals, Food and drinks 

-Professional cameras, Helmets, Umbrellas, Flags, Backpacks that exceed than the following dimensions 20*25*45

-Any object or element that incites violence

-Any other objects that the organization of the festival considers inappropriate or potentially dangerous

Can I swim on the beach during the festival ?

The beach will be opened and supervised by lifeguards between 5pm and 9pm. As a security measure, direct access to the beach will be closed between 9pm and 6am every night.

Warning: The waters at the São Francisco beach can become dangerous through various existent currents and if you are not an acquainted swimmer, you should always stay near the beach and avoid going far.

Do I have access to drinking water? Can I drink the tap water ?

Yes, we have water bars where you can purchase drinking water at a low price, the price that we buy it. Please note as well, that water will not be sold in plastic bottles but filled up in your Eco cup. 

Do not, in any case, drink the water from any other source at the festival site (wash basin etc.), as the tap water in Cape Verde is not suitable and recommended for consumption. Keep this in mind during your entire stay in Cape Verde.

Is there a wardrobe where I can leave my things safely ?

No, we don't offer a wardrobe or lockers. We recommend you to bring a minimum of valuable things to the festival.

Is there a wifi and internet connection at the festival venue ?

We will have a 4G connection at the festival site. Check out the communication and roaming rates of your operator in Cape Verde. In most cases, it is recommended to buy a SIM card from a local operator. In this case, check that your device is not blocked for a single carrier. 

I am a vegetarian or vegan. Are there restaurant options for me ?

Yes. The festival food courts offer interesting and diverse options for vegetarians and vegans.

Where can I get T-shirts and other merchandising products of Terra Sagrada ?

To avoid pollution through shipping, our merchandising products are only available on the spot.

I lost an object. Where can I recover lost objects?

If you have lost an object, head to our “Information” stand. Look for it near the entrance of the festival site.

Is overnight transport available in case I want to return to my hotel before the end of the event, or go elsewhere ?

Yes, transport from the beach of São Francisco to the city of Praia is available.

What do I do and where do I go, if I need medical help ?

Near the festival entrance, we have installed a medical facilities tent where you should head to if you hurt yourself or experience any serious discomfort. The tent is equipped for emergencies with an emergency doctor and an ambulance. The next hospital is 20 minutes away.

Is there a prevention and support space where I can go or take a friend, in the case of excessive drug consumption ?

Yes, the prevention and support tent is just next to the medical facilities tent.

What is the expected lineup and the timetable for each artist ?

We will publish the lineup with the exact timetable for each artist before the festival date. Stay tuned.